1. Waistcoats (only available with a 2 Piece suit of your choice)

    Waistcoats (only available with a 2 Piece suit of your choice)

    Select from our wide range of waistcoat styles to fit your own special occasion.

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  2. Shirts


    Select from our range of Dress or Plain shirts with a Wing or Plain Collar to go with your outfit.

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  3. Bow Tie

    Bow Tie

    There is nothing like the traditional Bow Tie to enhance your outfit.

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  4. Ties


    A tie may seem a little ordinary for a special occasion but we have a very smart selection in a variety of colours. It may be just the neckwear to put the finishing touches to your special outfit.

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  5. Ruches


    The Ruche is available in a wide selection of colour and has become a very popular accessory for weddings and other special occasions.

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  6. Handkerchief


    A Handkerchief just puts that last finishing touch to your outfit. They are available in a variety of colours to match the Ties, Bow Ties, Cravats, Ruches and Euro Ties in our range.

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  7. Cufflinks


    All our Shirts require Cufflinks. If you don't have a pair why not include a set as part of your hire outfit.

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  8. Shoes


    Select our Black Leather Brogues to complete your outfit.

    Sizes range from children's size 3 through to an adult size 13.

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  9. Top Hat

    Top Hat

    A Top Hat will put the finishing touches to any outfit.

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  10. Cummerbund


    A Cummerbund puts the finishing touches to any evening outfit. Why not select a colour to match your Bow Tie. Learn More