1. Fob Watch

    Fob Watch

    A Fob Watch is an ideal gift for any occasion. It fits neatly into the waistcoat pocket and puts a finishing touch to any outfit.

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  2. Hexagonal Cufflink and Tie Pin Set

    Hexagonal Cufflink and Tie Pin Set

    This elegant Cufflink and Tie Pin Set will complement your outfit for any occasion, or perhaps you might to give it as a gift to a friend.

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  3. Tie Pins

    Tie Pins

    An elegant Tie Pin is ideal to finish off your outfit for that special occasion or perhaps it would make a nice gift for other member of the party.

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  4. Gift Box

    Gift Box

    This is an ideal item to finish off your own wedding outfit or to give to other members of the bridal party. The box contains a Fob watch, Personalised Cufflinks and a Tie Pin of your choice.

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