1. Black Spirit Outfit

    Black Spirit Outfit

    This very modern outfit comes with a choice of jacket and our Black Spirit prestige kilt.

    It comes with a black sporran and hose to complete the look and it also looks excellent if worn with a black shirt.

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  2. Blue Spirit Outfit

    Blue Spirit Outfit

    This outfit comes with our prestige Blue Spirit kilt.

    It can be worn with a black jacket but looks excellent when worn with the blue Prince Charlie jacket and a blue sporran to complete the look.

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  3. Grey Spirit Outfit

    Grey Spirit Outfit

    This outfit is ideal for the important but less formal occasion.

    It can be worn with an Argyll or a Grey Tweed jacket and comes with a kilt in one of our prestige tartans, the Grey Spirit.

    The outfit comes with a semi-dress sporran and looks excellent with a black shirt and tie.

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