Dress Code

Guidelines to wearing the Highland Dress.

HELPFUL HINT.... The easiest way to dress is to start with your Socks, Shoes, Flashes and Sgian Dubh. Next put on your Shirt and Tie, followed by the Kilt, Sporran and Chain and then the Belt. Dressing is finally completed by the Jacket and Waistcoat and then the Plaid (if appropriate).

KILT HOSE.... The tops should not be pulled up to the knee, but should be approximately 3 to 4 finger widths below the bottom of the knee cap. The flashes should be worn on the outside of the leg bringing the hose top over and covering about half the length of the flash. 

GHILLIE BROGUES.... The Brogues should be laced as follows: Start by crossing the two laces and pulling them tight then twist the laces about 5 times and pull upwards. This produces a vertical thong about 3 cm long. Now take the laces around the back of the ankle and then bring them back to the front and tie in the normal way leaving the tassles to hang to the front. If the laces seem particularly long take them around the back twice before completing.

SGIAN DUBH.... This is normally worn down the right sock with no more than 5 cm of the hilt showing above the sock.

KILT.... The Kilt is worn well up on the natural waist (between the base of the ribs and the hip bone and level with the Naval). The bottom of the Kilt should be approximately at the top of the knee cap. The pleats go to the back of your kilt and you must buckle the kilt strap to the left first. Make sure this is firm as this is the buckle which holds your kilt firmly and comfortably in place. Next fasten the buckle or buckles to the right. You must now make sure that your kilt is centred and, if your kilt has belt loops at the back you can do this by ensuring these are evenly spaced, otherwise look for a central line on the front apron and ensure that this is running down the centre point of your kilt.

SPORRAN.... First put each chain strap through the belt loops at the back of the kilt then fasten the Sporran strap in position. The Sporran should be centred to the front of the apron and when wearing the kilt belt it should sit about 2 finger widths below the belt. If not wearing the belt then it should sit approximately 4-5 finger widths from the top of the kilt.

BELT.... If you are wearing a Belt first put it through the belt loops at the back then ensure that the belt buckle sits in the centre of your kilt. Please note that a belt is not normally worn if you are wearing a Waistcoat.

KILT PIN.... The Kilt Pin is worn at the bottom right of the kilt about 8 cm from the bottom and 6 cm from the side of the apron. The Kilt Pin should only be pinned to the front outer apron of the kilt and serves as a decoration. On no account should the two aprons be pinned together as this can result in ripping the cloth of the kilt.