Guidelines to measuring.

Note: All measurements are to be in inches.

Measurements Guide

A: ARM Bend the arm at the elbow and place in front of the chest. Measure from shoulder to wrist.

B: CHEST Measure around the fullest part of the chest, keeping the tape up under the arms and around the shoulder blades. Keep one finger between the tape and the body.

C: WAIST It has been our experience that when a tape is put around a man's waist, he instinctively breathes in and tenses his stomach. This leads to inaccurate measuring, resulting in the trouser or kilt waist ordered being too small. It is therefore recommended that when you have the tape around his waist, ask him to relax and breathe out. You will then get an accurate measurement. The usual place to measure a trouser waist is 1 inch above the hip bone, for kilts measure 2 inches above the hip bone, level with the navel. If he has large thighs e.g. bodybuilders, cyclists etc. a larger size is recommended.

D: INTER-MEASURE (Ladies only) Measurement 4 inches down from waist.

E: HIPS.. Take this measurement firmly but not tightly, and care should be taken that the measurement is taken over the widest part of the hips.

F: KILT LENGTH.. Measure from the waist (level with the navel) down to the knee. The best way to get this measurement correct is to ask the man to kneel down with his back straight and then measure from the naval down to the floor.

G: HEIGHT Measure from head to toe.

H: JACKET/WAISTCOAT LENGTH Measure from the back of the neck to the appropriate point.

J: SEAT Measure this loosely for trousers.

K: OUTSIDE LEG.. Measure from C to below the ankle. The length is dependant on how the man wears his trousers, e.g. some men prefer the trouser to have a break in the crease onto the shoe others prefer the crease straight.

L: INSIDE LEG.. Measure from the crotch to below the ankle, the length is dependant on how the man wears his trousers e.g. some men prefer the trouser to have a break in the crease onto the shoe other prefer the crease straight.

COLLAR Measure round the neck for collar size and allow a tolerance for comfort.

SHOES Please include your shoe size.